My name is Claire Bullock. For years I struggled with my weight, starting from my early teens. I tried many diets and all of them worked, for a while, however I found that none of them really dealt with the psychological aspects of losing weight. I was forever battling with a strong drive to eat sweet foods  and didn’t feel that there was support for this aspect of weight loss - the factors that turn us to food when life is hard or even when it is easy.  

Over the years, I have maintained a keen interest in holistic approaches to health, well-being and psychology. I studied different modalities, including reflexology and counselling, and also qualified as a Personal Trainer.  I consulted with a life coach who helped me in many ways; I found the sessions so effective that I decided to train to be a life coach and NLP Practitioner. I graduated and went on to complete specific training on coaching for weight loss. 

Throughout my training, I learned processes which identified negative thinking patterns and beliefs going on in my mind that I was not consciously aware of. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helped me gain different perspectives and insights, further enabling me to 'rewire' my thoughts and establish new habits. These processes were so effective in my own life that I decided to develop my own weight loss coaching practise to help others to be successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

I am passionate about helping people with their weight loss goals and have a genuine understanding what it is like to struggle with weight.

I look forward to working with you!