Can you remember a time when you felt happy about your body? Sexy and confident? Does that feeling seem beyond your reach right now? Do you feel like you just have to have that glass of wine, biscuit, packet of crisps or chocolate bar at the end of a busy day? Do you feel defeated by food?  Do you wish you could feel more in control of food and reach your weight loss goals?

Often we overeat when we are unhappy, stressed or bored, because it's a simple way of bringing pleasure into our lives. Sometimes these patterns of eating become automatic and we become 'stuck' in an unhealthy mode of living, feeling bad about our bodies. We often feel trapped and powerless and become stuck in a vicious cycle of "being good" for a while, then falling off the wagon when life presents challenges or if we do not see progress quickly enough. Each time this happens, our hopes for achieving our weight loss goals diminish, leaving us feeling even more powerless than before.

Weight loss coaching enables you to find your own power when it comes to managing your eating habits. The coaching process helps you uncover what is going on for you when you binge, overeat or make poor food choices. More importantly, coaching gives you practical tools to change how you think about and use food. These tools have been specifically developed for weight loss and are tried, tested and effective. 

Coaching gives you the time and space to find your motivation to lose weight, and really focus on achieving your goals. It is possible to change how you feel about food, lose weight and to feel better about your body