What to expect from our sessions:

Exploring your motivation

We will work through some key questions, exploring your answers and what they mean for you. By giving yourself the time and space to do this, you discover your own personal motivation and what is blocking your progress.  

Changing your eating habits

Sometimes we develop bad eating habits which become automatic as they are often led by our subconscious. Coaching gets us in touch with our subconscious and reframes our thinking so that we can create new, positive habits. 

Changing your state

A fundamental principle of coaching is getting into the right state for whatever it is we want to achieve. You can change your state from feeling hopeless, demotivated, tired and powerless to feeling positive, confident, energised and committed.  

Finding strategies to overcome obstacles

Invariably life throws up circumstances which may challenge our relationship with food - a stressful job, not enough time or even a free buffet or all inclusive holiday! By creating strategies to overcome these challenges, we find a place of control.  

Defining and tracking actions to make progress!

We define key actions to progress for the next session so that you are constantly making progress and moving closer to  your goal!  

Exercise guidance & demonstrations

I trained in Personal Training which I now incorporate into my coaching – I show you what will work, what doesn’t, how to start slowly or increase intensity, how to be consistent.